AffJobs – Job Site For Affiliate Marketing Specialists

Recently started by STM owners new service AffJobs connects companies in Affiliate Marketing industry with individual specialists experienced in specific fields. There are a lot of remote job opportunities and this is a fantastic advantage, that we can enjoy in 2020!

For company – if you want to find an employee, please create a job listing here. You can hire talented and experienced candidates and pay for it less, compared to other services like Linkedin or Career Builder. At the same time you enter a marketplace of experienced professionals within CPA and Affiliateb Marketing business, who are looking for the job right now.

For media buyers and account managers, if you want to use your skills in some kickass company with fixed salary, full-time or part-time – please click here and register. Otherwise you will miss the greatest opportunity of being hired by proper company. There is a very small chance, that you will be contacted in Linkedin by relevant employer. With AffJobs your CV will always stay visible for companies, who search for experienced candidates, so why not give it a chance?

I have also added a feed of hot jobs posted in this service, so you can always check if there is something interesting for you)


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