Carnival Ecstasy – cruising from Charleston, SC to Bahamas

Ecstasy is one of the oldest ships on the Carnival Cruise Lines. However it is one of the most favorite ships in South Carolina which has cruises from Charleston to Bahamas.

This summer as a part of my vacation in the US I had two cruises by this ship to Nassau, Freeport, Princess Cays and Little San Salvador. This was an amazing experience and despite the cruise is quite expensive for such an old ship I think it is totally worth it.

The journey started in Charleston when I have checked in in the port of Charleston and the bus delivered us to the ship. You should remember, that before entering the ship you need to pass a security check like you do in airport before flight. You will not be allowed to take any alcohol onboard, apparently you better should buy cocktails inside haha) If you decide to buy any alcohol in the liquor shop onboard you can pick the bottles up after the cruise only.



The food onboard is good enough and almost everything is free including several restaurants. You will have three servings a day on the dining deck, burgers, Mexican food and pizza bar which is working 24 hours.

There is a Serenity deck for adults over 21 years old only. This can help if are tired from kids and looking some quiet place to hide 😉


From this deck you can enjoy some really amazing sunsets in North Atlantic Ocean.

And in the morning it is better to drink your coffee from open deck looking to the waves in the ocean. This is also good place to work the first part of the day before it is quite cool outside.

The are many bars inside and you can order cocktails anytime. The average price is $15 for margarita and this will be deducted from your account, which is funded by $100 before your cruise from your credit card attached to the account. Typically it is the card which you used to buy cruise tickets.

This is really cute, how they care about each tiny detail in the cruise. You will notice this many times during the trip, for example this luggage mat.

Inside you will see a lot of stores, casino, restaurants, photo studios, bars, scenes and even art galleries. Of course you can spend you money in each of these locations)

They also have a gym inside with the amazing views of Ocean or tropical islands. It is better to visit it in the morning when there are not that much visitors. I was lucky enough to see an empty gym in Freeport.

The first port was Nassau after 2 days in the see. Usually they moor in the night, so early in the morning you can go walking outside and you will have almost a full day which you can spend for walking and beach fun.

However you should be back before arrival, otherwise you will stay on the island before they pick you next time lol=) Usually it is around 16.00

On the last cruise day they have a big party with singing, dancing and celebrating the end of cruise. Everyone just staying, watching, clapping their hands, taking pictures and movies. It is looking quite funny.

I was staying for two cruises one by one. And in the last day I got this envelop with the pictures as a gift from Carnival company. This was nice to get for free.

This was the final cruise from Charleston and the vessel leaved it to Mobile, FL. This was an absolutely amazing cruise and I would definitely come again to Carnival next time I will be in US!

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