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Today ClickDealer is one of the biggest performance marketing networks in the affiliate marketing industry. Their top verticals are – Dating, Sweepstakes, Mobile subscriptions, Downloads. If you are in the Affiliate Marketing you should be registered there, because they work directly with top Advertiser and guarantee biggest payouts for your traffic.

The first thing to do after your registration is to find your assigned affiliate manager and ask what offers in which vertical are converting best right now. AM can send you the list of top offers sorted by conversion rate for last 7 days.

Then you will need to setup the global postback for your tracker in the ClickDealer system, so you won’t need to setup it for each offer. You can do it easily by navigating Tools> Global postback.

Testing offers
As you probably know – not always the offers suggested by your affiliate manager can be really best offers in terms of CR. This can depend on many things, first of all AM can promote offers that management told him to promote to generate big volume of traffic and sales. And you can always consider that there are some well converting offers that your AM or you can be missing. To avoid this situation I suggest to test some other offers in your vertical.

When selecting offers I am guided by:
1. payout
2. the age in the system
3. conversion flow

For example if I am looking for new offers to test in mobile carrier adult vertical I will select a country I know is converting in other networks. Then I will compare the payout amount with other networks. After this I will pick 3-5 offers of one specific carrier, that will show the best conversion flow (ideally 1-2 clicks). I will create 3-5 offers in my tracker and will
send traffic to them evenly to split test and to see at least 2 conversions of some offer.
I will explain this step more in further posts.

Weekly payouts
If you want to get weekly payouts you can discuss this with your affiliate manager. Usually you will need to generate over $1000 in revenue weekly to be qualified for weekly payment. If you have reached this kind of numbers just ask you AM to move your account to another level of payments policy.

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