Current Status and 2020 plans

No, this in not the STM advertising post=) Google Map timeline says, that 2019 ended for me as 1 time around the world in total, with 7 new countries, 26 cities and 69 places. This was definitely one of the best and productive years in my life. Among all the achievements I can highlight the following:

  1. I have finally divorced, which was i my plans for many years
  2. I started actively visit international conferences and met many new friends
  3. I’ve met a love of my life
  4. I’ve secured a 10 years US visa when I had best chances to get it approved
  5. I bought a house for my kids
  6. I researched new verticals and traffic sources
  7. I got working experience with completely new profession
  8. I found an amazing job and met fantastic people
  9. I finally decided to relocate.

This is not bad at all for a single year, however there were also not good sides of the list. My online incomes have been dropped significantly by the end of 2019, the push traffic source has finally officially died, which I will tell more about in my next post. This could be also regarded as good, because this will allow to invest more efforts in new traffic sources and verticals.

The 2020 is starting and I’m writing this post in the airport waiting for the departure. Plans for 2020:

  1. Attend ASW20 in Las Vegas and meet my new colleagues
  2. Research Facebook traffic source
  3. Research email traffic
  4. Learn adult dating vertical and achieve positive ROI
  5. Visit Facebook office onsite and pass all interviews
  6. Move to Malta
  7. Finish my kiteboarding education
  8. Attend more international conferences

Lets see if this will ever happen) Keep pushing, everyone and may the CR be with you!


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