Exoclick – The Biggest Adult Ad Network

Exoclick is one of the biggest ad networks in the world. Literally it is the 4th largest traffic source after Google, Facebook and Twitter serving over 7 billion daily impressions. And it is for sure the largest adult network.

They are working both for webmasters and advertisers, If you are an adult webmaster you can sell the traffic to Exoclick based on actual rates, whether you are webmaster or advertiser you can register following this link.

I highly recommend to test this traffic source to get the basic understanding of traffic optimization.

I started working with Exoclick in spring 2015 just created a single pop campaign for TH adult offer from Mobidea and got a ROI of 200% with a $1000 daily spend. This lasted for 3 days, then the CR has dropped and I couldn’t break even anymore with pop traffic. My bad was that I didn’t start experimenting with banner traffic, however my AM from Mobidea was telling me every day, that I should start banners.

Anyway, I started to experiment with banners in the fall of 2016, I have lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars before I started to understand, which banners are working and which not. Luckily it was the good idea and since then my spendings in this network exceed $165K. This is not my biggest source of outcome though and the rules of banner traffic have changed many times. But anyway, this is still the very good source of adult traffic if you are good in optimization.

Now there are 2 biggest types of traffic – banners and popunders. They also have push, but due to my personal tests the quality and the amount of push traffic is very at the same time. So I suggest you to focus on popunders and banners.

In some GEOs like USA or India the traffic amounts can be really huge and your budget can end very soon. Always use Smart CPM, Frequency Capping and limit campaign spend with daily budget.

You should always pay attention to the labels, that your creatives and links can receive. Every ad zone has its own limitations and some of your flags can be not allowed in specific zones, so it is better to check your labels every time after campaign approval. If you think that your creative gets the wrong label you can always dispute this by contacting the Exoclick support.


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