MegaPush Traffic Quality

This winter I discovered MegaPush as a great source of high quality push traffic. The prices for some countries were really cheap and good to start. I converted AV offers and Sweeps for EU countries with a ROI above 30%.

Right now the situation has changed. I have started a raw campaign with all feeds and ROI around -30% which is excellent for the start and can easily go positive after feed optimization. And it actually did after I removed all feeds with negative ROI.

However after you start your campaign on whitelisted feeds only the traffic quality is getting worse at the same time. It seems like they mix every feed’s traffic with shitty fraudulent clicks. So as you can see from the picture- I have spent around $6K with no luck. The overall ROI was around +5% but this just covered the account funding commission.











1. campaign group 1 before optimization

2. campaign group 1 after second optimization running on whitelist

3. campaign group 2 before optimization

4. campaign group 1 after first optimization cutting off some feeds

5,6 campaign group 2 after first and second optimization.

Surprisingly the ROI went down after setting the campaign run on whitelist! You can take a look at the LP CTR, which is going down after optimization. Thats why I’m pretty sure, that they mix push traffic with low quality fraudulent clicks. I don’t recommend you to work with MegaPush


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