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Hello guys, today I will tell you about one of the top platforms for mobile adult traffic monetization. This is Mobidea – my favorite partnership network for almost 3 years. I started to send traffic to Mobidea in 2015, this was mostly redirect and popunder, but in 2015-2016 there was much more redirect traffic across networks and the conversion rate was pretty great which allowed me to start exploring this vertical more closely.

But the real success with this network I achieved in 2016-2017 when I started to experiment with banner traffic and mediabuying. Honestly, that time I ran many many other separate mobile adult offers in networks like ClickDealer, Wapempire, Mobiteasy, but when I put them into split-test bundle with Mobidea smartlink algorithm –  Mobidea was ther winner in almost all cases.

The guys are based in Portugal and I know personally many of them, have met them many time on Marketing conferences and events. In this article I will explain the strongest advantages of Mobidea network and in the next one I will show you how to start working with them as an affiliate.

So the strongest advantages:

  1. Smartlink algorithm  – all offers in system are rotating based on performance, so the top converting offers will get the priority top position in the algorithm and you will always get the best CR for you traffic. This also allow you to send all type of GEO and carriers and be sure that your traffic will not get lost.
  2. 100% in-house platform. Today we can say, that this is a great advantage if we start to compare it with CPA networks based on Cake or Hasoffers which unfortunately are still very user unfriendly. The platform of Mobidea is very easy to use and has many unique features for advanced traffic monetization.
  3. Daily payments, this is probably one of the best solution for affiliates, because if you have some great converting offer or segment you can increase your traffic volumes to the highest level possible within one single week.
  4. Built-in tracker – this can be crucial for the beginners, who may not have enough funds to start with Voluum or other advanced but expensive trackers.

If you are new and want to start with adult mobile affiliate marketing you should definitely give Mobidea a try, at least to split-test their Smartlink with other CPA networks or offers. And now I will show you my personal stats with this network in 2017

You opinion about this network and my earnings are more than welcome in the comments, tell me what you think.

Stay tuned guys, subscribe and  visit my blog for updates. Soon I will add more interesting articles about affiliate marketing and online money making, see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Mobidea – Mobile Traffic Monetization

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hello Master Kreed,

    I’m a newbie and I’m interested in starting AM by running Smartlink campaigns with mobidea. I haven’t run my first campaign yet and I’m ready. My traffic sources are Popads and Exoclick. My problem is that I don’t know exactly how to use the smartlink, where to plug it in, etc. Completely lost. I’ve searched all over and can’t find anything useful. Only vague explanations. The closest I have come is your article above. Is there an article/video you can recommend on how to use the smartlink? Thanks for your time.

    • masterkreed says:

      Hi Emmanuel,

      The smartlink is just the rotation algorithm, which inspects your traffic based on metrics like country, platform, mobile carrier and gives the link to the best offer for your visitor. In fact this is the easiest way to send traffic to the partner network like Mobidea, because you don’t have to test many offers and find best converting for any particular mobile carrier. I suggest to start sending traffic to smartlink and if you see conversions from specific mobile carriers – try to find direct offers for the same segments, just ask your Affiliate Manager in Mobidea to check what is the top offer right now in the Smartlink for the traffic you’re sending. Anyway, talk to your Affiliate Manager first, they could help you to coordinate your first moves and suggest the further steps.

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