Carnival Ecstasy – cruising from Charleston, SC to Bahamas

Ecstasy is one of the oldest ships on the Carnival Cruise Lines. However it is one of the most favorite ships in South Carolina which has cruises from Charleston to Bahamas.

This summer as a part of my vacation in the US I had two cruises by this ship to Nassau, Freeport, Princess Cays and Little San Salvador. This was an amazing experience and despite the cruise is quite expensive for such an old ship I think it is totally worth it.

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Exoclick – The Biggest Adult Ad Network

Exoclick is one of the biggest ad networks in the world. Literally it is the 4th largest traffic source after Google, Facebook and Twitter serving over 7 billion daily impressions. And it is for sure the largest adult network.

They are working both for webmasters and advertisers, If you are an adult webmaster you can sell the traffic to Exoclick based on actual rates, whether you are webmaster or advertiser you can register following this link.

I highly recommend to test this traffic source to get the basic understanding of traffic optimization.

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MegaPush Traffic Quality

This winter I discovered MegaPush as a great source of high quality push traffic. The prices for some countries were really cheap and good to start. I converted AV offers and Sweeps for EU countries with a ROI above 30%.

Right now the situation has changed. I have started a raw campaign with all feeds and ROI around -30% which is excellent for the start and can easily go positive after feed optimization. And it actually did after I removed all feeds with negative ROI.

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Push Offer – $700/day profit ClickDealer case study

Today I will show you have I found an extremely well converting offer in ClickDealer within few hours. I will tell you how I have created the campaigns and after few days of optimization I went from -20% to 200% ROI with $300 daily spend and $700 daily profit, which could easily be scaled to $1500-$2000 profit in one single day. This will give you the basic idea of how to find well converting offers and make them earn you some monies.

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TES Lisbon – Cascais 2019

The European Summit in Cascais in March this year was one of the most expected adult affiliate conferences in the world. The Oitavos hotel is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal and hosted this time many conference attendees from around the world. The beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Golf courses, cool outdoor places and pool created a special atmosphere of the event.

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Price Based Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

Usually we create one Dynamic Remarketing campaign per account to reach our most important audiences in the Display Network. However in this setup we can’t manage bids efficiently for different categories of our products in the feed. For example if the price range of your products is broad enough, like you are selling products starting from $500 and up to $ 500 000. The more expensive the product is the more value it can bring you after a successful sale, and it makes totally sense to have different bid strategies for products with different prices. Today I will show you an idea, how to manage this with a special feed attribute.

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