Push Offer – $700/day profit ClickDealer case study

Today I will show you have I found an extremely well converting offer in ClickDealer within few hours. I will tell you how I have created the campaigns and after few days of optimization I went from -20% to 200% ROI with $300 daily spend and $700 daily profit, which could easily be scaled to $1500-$2000 profit in one single day. This will give you the basic idea of how to find well converting offers and make them earn you some monies.

Part 1.

I have never made a lot of revenue with the offers that have been suggested by my affiliate manager in ClickDealer, however that still works on other networks. All good converting offers I have found by myself, this time I also did a research without asking my AM. There were some interesting offers in “Mobile Content” section paying from $0.1 to $0.65 per push notification Chrome subscription on Android devices. I was interested in USA, because I know that I can get a lot of adult traffic with this Geo and it will be quite cheap. The offers allowed adult, I selected few of them for split test. One LP was a fake player,  loading a video and asking to “Allow” push notifications to play the video. I thought this should work with adult traffic as visitors are looking to play videos. Other offers were with different LPs like “Game of Thrones”, “Sport TV” etc.

Part 2.

I have created several banner campaigns in Exoclick targeting different ad spots with static image adult banners, animated adult banners, fake player misleading banners. After running ad the first day I have paused all banners except fake player, which converted quite well. However the ROI was around -20%, so I still was losing the money. I ended the day with about $150 net loss, but I wasn’t worried as I saw a huge potential in this offer type. Next day I have paused all ad zones with CPA above $1 and my ROI was around 0% at the end of the day. Not bad if you still have the room for optimization. On the day 3 I have disabled all offers except those with “fake player” LP and from this point my ROI raised to 200% which made me $300+ from a single campaign in one single day. Here are 3 days of one campaign development:

You can see the final step of optimization, which increased the CR from hour 4:

From hour 13 the conversion rate declined by 90% which was very suspicious like advertiser has enabled 90% shave for my account. I wrote to my AM and got the answer:

>> he converted like crazy today

>> but with no changes on our side

>> nop, I do not have hour charts

>> but he looks super suspicious

>> 14$ecpm

>> can you pls maybe pause him

>> until we see the quality of his users?

>>>>how much time do you need to evaluate quality?

>> ntill Monday I guess

So, I was super suspicious for the advertiser just because I optimized my campaigns and the CR increased lol. If I just bought more pop traffic to smooth this performance improvement I could maybe run this offer few days/weeks more and earned some extra 4 figures.

I have also created many other banner and pop campaigns in Exoclick and other networks in those 3 days as soon as I had the best working offer and banner bundle. The total picture in my ClickDealer account was the following:

I didn’t manage to get this offer back running, however I made around $1000 in profit in just several days, which were paid few days later. If the advertiser hadn’t disabled my account I could easily scale the profits up to $1500-$2000 daily. I also get new ideas from this offer and started my own push subscription campaigns.


  1. Always look into offer list and try to find something new and interesting inside
  2. Add some cheap pop traffic campaign to your well converting offer together with good CR optimized campaigns so the advertiser will not get suspicious and not disable your account.

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  1. Taufiq Gunawan says:

    Hello, thank you for sharing this. That’s a great experience!
    do you mind if you share what kind of traffic do you use and where do you advertise the offer through ?

    Thankyou : )
    waiting for your reply

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