TrafficMansion Optimiser Flow Scheme

Hi all. Today I want to show you schematic description of TrafficMansion Optimiser algorithm flow, which will help you to better understand the cons of having multiple sites in the cascade and sending user’s email in the parameter to avoid email capture rotating prelanders.

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TrafficMansion – Top Level adult dating network

Hello everyone! is adult dating affiliate network for tier 1 countries. We are currently looking for high quality adult dating traffic affiliates. We are growing network of 35+ own in-house adult dating sites.

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Exoclick – The Biggest Adult Ad Network

Exoclick is one of the biggest ad networks in the world. Literally it is the 4th largest traffic source after Google, Facebook and Twitter serving over 7 billion daily impressions. And it is for sure the largest adult network.

They are working both for webmasters and advertisers, If you are an adult webmaster you can sell the traffic to Exoclick based on actual rates, whether you are webmaster or advertiser you can register following this link.

I highly recommend to test this traffic source to get the basic understanding of traffic optimization.

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Mobidea – Mobile Traffic Monetization

Hello guys, today I will tell you about one of the top platforms for mobile adult traffic monetization. This is Mobidea – my favorite partnership network for almost 3 years. I started to send traffic to Mobidea in 2015, this was mostly redirect and popunder, but in 2015-2016 there was much more redirect traffic across networks and the conversion rate was pretty great which allowed me to start exploring this vertical more closely.

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