Exoclick – The Biggest Adult Ad Network

Exoclick is one of the biggest ad networks in the world. Literally it is the 4th largest traffic source after Google, Facebook and Twitter serving over 7 billion daily impressions. And it is for sure the largest adult network.

They are working both for webmasters and advertisers, If you are an adult webmaster you can sell the traffic to Exoclick based on actual rates, whether you are webmaster or advertiser you can register following this link.

I highly recommend to test this traffic source to get the basic understanding of traffic optimization.

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Chrome 64 Update Kills The Industry?

On the Feb 15th Google officially released the Chrome browser update 64. Many market players have started to prepare to this historical event on the beginning of February, but after the release the 90% of publishers don’t accept any kind of misleading ads anymore.

So, what is a misleading ad according to Google and so called “Coalition for Better Ads”? If your ad is imitating any kind of message or dialog box trying to interact with the visitor and leading to the landing page where this feature is not working. All banners imitating chat messages, close buttons, fake download and play buttons, fake pagination, call requests and incoming emails are now prohibited by majority of web publishers. Needless to say that those ads had much higher clickthrough rates compared to static images, often higher conversion rates, generated more converting traffic for advertisers and ensured higher CPM rates for publishers.

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