TrafficMansion Optimiser Flow Scheme

Hi all. Today I want to show you schematic description of TrafficMansion Optimiser algorithm flow, which will help you to better understand the cons of having multiple sites in the cascade and sending user’s email in the parameter to avoid email capture rotating prelanders.

Here is the dashboard:

Check The Scheme Here

The cascade of the sites in the optimiser group (campaign) explained:




20. Site20

Each optimiser group has approximately 20 sites in the cascade. The user first goes to site1, if the email is already present in the database of site1 the user gets redirected to site2 etc. If the email is on all the sites, user gets to the Return URL.

Understanding of this flow will help you to see the benefits of having multiple sites in one offer, instead of having just one, which is the most popular approach among all networks and affiliates. If you have more sites – your CR will literally be 2 times higher compared to just one site, because TM brands are old enough to be seen by millions of people worldwide.

For email traffic this is also important to pass over email of the user in the special &email= parameter. If you send it in the parameter, you will skip the email capture prelander and go directly to the website with prefilled form, which can dramatically increase the unique to signup CR :


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