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Hello everyone! is adult dating affiliate network for tier 1 countries. We are currently looking for high quality adult dating traffic affiliates. We are growing network of 35+ own in-house adult dating sites.

Here is the list of our websites:


We are not resellers and are working with our own brands only. All traffic is being sent to Optimizer algorithm, which rotates offers based on the actual user data. It checks if user is already registered on site1 and them sends him to site2, if registered on site2 sends to site3, this ensures that you will get paid for non unique leads also. Optimizer improves your Conversion Rate and EPC of your dating traffic and you can convert visitors to signups with 2:1 ratio!

You can setup PPS and PPL campaigns in our system. We can start with a $50 PPS payout and $2 for non-unique signup. Depending on traffic type you can choose the best model that you use. Always check actual EPC numbers, they can be higher in PPS campaigns in many cases, so it is reasonable to focus on PPS model.

Supported GEOs – US/CA/AU/UK/NZ

For technical savvy affiliates we developed our API. If you already are converting your adult dating traffic with smartlinks or other solutions, you can use our API for split testing. You send us an API request in JSON and if the system can accept the user – you will get an OK response and can send us this click. If API response contains error – you will not send user to us and send it to your other adult dating solution instead. This approach will allow you to redirect to our offers qualified users only, who can register and give you a credit for the lead. I highly recommend use our API for better EPC.

Payout Policy:

You will get paid twice a month on the 8 and 23 with the amounts earned 1-15 and 16-31 of previous month respectively. In fact it is a Net30 payment, but this can be a subject for negotiation.

Min Payment

  • Minimum $50 for Paxum
  • Minimum $500 for Wire, ACH, Check

If you will generate $2500+ per week – we can discuss weekly payouts.

We have 2 levels referral program for your subaffiliates – 5% for level 1 and 1% for level2.

We don’t allow:

  • Incentivized traffic
  • Fraud
  • Spam

So, why not to start a test campaign with us? I will use all my experience to assist you with account creation and campaigns setup. We can check how to optimize your traffic sources for better EPC.

For account registration pease send me a message:

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